On the night of Friday 17 August, I woke between 2 and 3 am. I’m somebody who wakes to instant alertness and function (this can be a liability because it makes it less easy to return to sleep. ) But I realised at once that something unusual had wakened me.

There was a gap between the closing of the curtains and an almost full moon was shining full on my face. It was very beautiful. I lay and watched it as it travelled through the visibility of the gap. It took about ten minutes to pass out of my view.

It made me realise, as I lay on my bed, that I also was lying on a planet hurtling through space, twirling on its axis as it circles the sun, and around which in its turn a lovely moon revolves.

I’m glad I’m an earth dweller.


About adhocannie
I am a good natured woman with a long memory and a swift tongue. I like loooking at things and thinking about them. Also food, clothes, travel, reading, sewing. I try to see the ridiculous in things, but sobriety of reflection keeps edgting in. I have husband, children, grandchildren, friends... I feel rich in things that matter. I am a happy exile. I like writing. I do not like talking about me (though I do.). You willl be much more interesting.

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