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Whenever anyone asks me what I’d like for a Christmas or birthday present I’m always quite useless at suggesting anything. This is not to say that there aren’t things that could be mentioned; only they don’t quite fall into the category that you would feel comfortable requesting. If they are affordable, and I want it, I will have bought it.

If they are not affordable… I’d like a necklace of aquamarines and pearls. I’d like a cashmere dressing-gown. I’d like a silk dressing-gown and matching pyjamas. I’d like a small clutch bag of emerald green snakeskin like the one I had that the dog ate. I’d like a teaset in fine china, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, saucers and plates. Probably I’d never use it, but I would still like it.

I’d like a large black leather- bound notebook, with my initials in gold lettering and thick creamy paper pristine and without lines or margins, edged in gold, and I’d like to have beautiful writing to go in it. I’d like a set of six small perfume bottles, glassy and original, filled with different exquisite perfumes, every one of which I loved and which made me acquire some of them in larger sizes (or I could have that as a gift also.) However at the moment I can just about tolerate other people’s perfumes if they refrain from wallowing in a bucketful of it. I would like a pair of little finches in a cage whom I would release into our garden where they would eat what I fed them and stay clear of the cat. I’d like an Egyptian type kitten, all black with green eyes and a long tail, tres belle, and we’d call her Nefertiti. I’d like a section of a wood, on a slight slope mainly made up of beech trees, but with a few oaks, maples, elms and geans of the white blossom, with a stream running through it. I’d like a bay on the sea (the one between Banff and Macduff would do nicely) with a river running into it, wooded hills on either side of it where dolphins would occasionally visit.    No people would ever visit apart from people I loved.

I’d be embarrassed if I actually received any of that. It’s all a lovely fantasy.

It’s a bit like asking what weather we’d like. We would all like perpetual summer, where the days are warm and fragrant, full of light and birdsong but the oppressive heat of summer is not yet upon us. But we must take the rough with the smooth because if we monopolise all the good weather someone else is drowning in mud.

But some things are modest but nice and can reasonably be requested. Some embroidered handkerchiefs, or perhaps edged with lace. A silk scarf of colours that suit one. A pair of leather gloves, lined with silk. A large box of very good chocolates. A bottle of champagne. A new magazine or a novel you haven’t read by a favourite author…

Now you’re talking…

About adhocannie
I am a good natured woman with a long memory and a swift tongue. I like loooking at things and thinking about them. Also food, clothes, travel, reading, sewing. I try to see the ridiculous in things, but sobriety of reflection keeps edgting in. I have husband, children, grandchildren, friends... I feel rich in things that matter. I am a happy exile. I like writing. I do not like talking about me (though I do.). You willl be much more interesting.

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