I haven’t written for a few weeks.   I had nothing to say.

I got a flu like illness which wasn’t in itself too bad but which made me lethargic and rather low in spirit and it’s difficult to write when feeling like this,    The illness, being flu like, lingered for a long time and it is only now after more than a month that I begin to take an interest in things again.   At first I didn’t notice that I hadn’t blogged and then I didn’t care.

Meanwhile the Tory leadership affair has been trundling along.   I think it’s grossly unfair and undemocratic that a handful of Tories get to elect the next Prime Minister and I think parties who elect leaders in these circumstances should be obliged to call a General Election at once.   I don’t object to Boris, but I dislike the smug Hunt,  and I find the dishonourable, promise-breaking., disloyal Gove too  despicable to even dislike.

I’ve  had my eye on Rory Stewart for a long ime, before even he was an MP; I had him tipped as a future Foreign Secretary   I also like that his name is Roderick, as  is our Rory, so h upholds my theory that Rory is a nickname for Roderick in Scotland.   It is too soon for him to run for High Office   He has been out-voted but he has enhanced his profile and gained some experience,    Watch this space.

We went to the RHS Garden at Wisley on Sunday.    They have opened a new larger shop, cafĂ© and garden centre which are enormous and full of wonderful things.    I bought 8 little lozenge shaped dishes. decorated with cherry blossom    I can put pins, vitamins, my   earrings or rings into them..   There were delphiniums of such intensity of colour that it was painful to look at them for too long.

Finally, William materialises at Robert (his father’s)  elbow..   ‘DAddy’ he says.   ‘I want to go to a little trumpet shop.,’    Robert is slightly surprised   William explains,  I want to buy a little trumpet and learn how to play it.   He rises the imaginary instrument to his lips and prepares to hoot and toot into it, while also performing the fingering.    I suggest they hire one and See how he gets on – better to go with the instrument the child has chosen.

Will it be painful to listen to as he begins?    The violin in the hands of a 5 year old sounds excruciatingly awful.d.    Elisabeth and I sat in the audience once and could hear a clarinetist running through her piece.   Do you think that is Joanna practising, I asked Elisabeth.   No, she replied unkindly.   There’s not enough squeaks and mistakes.

Know that your sins will find you out!