So we have before us the thrilling prospect of five weeks of campaigning for a General Election. Just what we wanted (I don’t think.) Look at the choices before us.

There’s the minor parties. Brexit never seem to do much in electoral terms but appear to be able to influence the result since if they post candidates they split the Tory vote, giving Labour an advantage. Voting for them is buying a pig in a poke. We don’t know who they are.

There’s the Greens, do-goody and no doubt with merit, but never particularly appealing.

There’s the National Parties for Scotland and Wales whom even I am beginning to find tiresome in that they can’t seem to rise above their one issue.

There’s the DUP, who were never going to agree to anything and it was naïve of Theresa May to waste time on them. I sometimes wonder if we offered Ulster to Eire as a present, whether they would accept it or decline on the grounds of it being too much bother. (Obviously, I jest).

Then we come to the Liberals with their presumptuous, garrulous leader. I don’t think they’re entitled to call themselves Liberal Democrats as the Wee Gnaff in charge of them declares they’re going to fight to remain with everything they’ve got. On what authority, I wonder?

Tthe Labour Party seems haunted by accusations of anti-semitism it appears unable to shake off, and though I think Jeremy Corbyn is a much more formidable opponent than he at first appears, some of their policies would raise your eyebrows at the very least. I would never endorse the sending of any child to boarding school, but people should have the right to educate their children (and spend their money) how they choose and the State should not asset strip such institutions for its own purposes. Smacks of Henry VIII and the dissolution of the monasteries.

Finally we come to the Tories themselves who are the cause of all our present woes. David Cameron did not think enough before he acted and his offering of a referendum on the issue of our EU membership has been catastrophic for British politics – and he did this solely to (as he supposed it would) call off the rabid dogs of anti European feeling that existed within his own party and had been the bane of every conservative Prime Minister of recent times.

None of them have been able to set aside party interests and act for the nation. It’s a mess in every possible respect and there’s no health in any of them.

I toyed with the idea of not voting. I don’t approve of the actions of any of them. But then I though that was feeble. They haven’t behaved well but we, the people, should continue to vote ethically and with conscience. (It is of course possible to do this and vote for different parties. We have to be respectful and tolerant of one another’s view.)

In the referendum I voted to remain. We all know now that the country voted to leave. If we were offered another referendum, I would again vote to remain. But we haven’t been offered another referendum, and therefore the first one still stands. As someone who believes in democracy, I believe we should support the referendum. I’m therefore going to vote for the party which in my view is most likely to be able to effect our leaving the EU (preferably with a deal and on reasonable terms with our neighbours.) So I’m going to reverse the habits of a lifetime and vote Tory. My ancestors will disown me.

The result is unpredictable but I would guess Boris will increase his majority but not significantly and parliament will still be hung.

About adhocannie
I am a good natured woman with a long memory and a swift tongue. I like loooking at things and thinking about them. Also food, clothes, travel, reading, sewing. I try to see the ridiculous in things, but sobriety of reflection keeps edgting in. I have husband, children, grandchildren, friends... I feel rich in things that matter. I am a happy exile. I like writing. I do not like talking about me (though I do.). You willl be much more interesting.


  1. Anne Hall says:

    Dear Anne, Just a note on how I see it as a LD and a remainer. The referendum was hugely flawed for many reasons, not least because many lies and false promises were given by both sides (What is new!) It was badly handled and a good majority of voters had no idea about the issues involved. Now most of us have a bit more of an incling as to the complexity and impact on our economy.  My preferred option would be another referendum to confirm that this is still what the people feel is best for the country. The main danger is that we would still have a close vote. However I feel we owe it to the younger generation, many of whom are now in a position to vote and are looking at their future. The impact on me personally is going to be far less. I have reservations about the LD policy, but if they were to be voted into power – a very long shot I know, but in these troubled times?? – this would be because enough voters want to stop Brexit and that is what they are promising. I feel so strongly that Brexit is a bad thing, (and when it happens we will have years of sorting it out, so no truth to it being over with), so voting LD is my best hope. I do not agree with your opinion of Jo Swinson. I have met her and was impressed with her knowledge and positivity. I think she is standing up well under a barrage of criticism.  The Conservatives have been a poor government for a very long time. I was always shocked by the views of many of the Tory Councillors at WSCC who even if they expressed concern for the underprivileged always voted with the party on policies that undermined the needs of those less fortunate than themselves. This council is now in dire straights having been assessed as poor in such areas as child protection and emergency services. I am not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, but if I lived in a constituency which was a Con/Lab split, I would choose labour as their policies fit more comfortably with my own principles. I would never vote Conservative in any circumstance. My father voted Conservative all his life but I was never tempted to go down that road.  Mid Sussex have yet to choose a PPC – I have heard rumours it could be Gary Wall. Not someone I would be comfortable to see as an MP. Robert Eggleston, the LD candidate has good credentials and definitely has my vote. Terrible time for an election though – have just heard on Radio 4 that The Post Office are worried about the extra pressure at their busiest time. So many repercussions! Anne xx

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    • adhocannie says:

      Hi Anne

      There is much truth in what you say. There is no telling what makes some people get on our nerves – I am sure Ms Swinson has many fine qualities. They all say their party is goin to win, even though privately they may not believe this. Like you I have never voted Conservative and it shows how completely unpredictable results are that I would even consider it. Thank you for your comment.

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