Becoming irritated with my smallest grand-daughter’s continual reaction to most foods of ‘I don’t like it,’ I suggested in exasperation that this phrase be banned.   She could still express a negative view, but she had to do so employing different words.     We suggested various phrases:  ‘This is not my preference’;  ‘I would not say this was my favourite’; ‘This is not to my taste’.   We thought, it will give her pause for thought, and at least she’ll be doing some creative thinking and expanding her (already extensive) vocabulary.   ‘So,’ asked Joanna at the end of the conversation, ‘which of these phrases will you use?’     Dana thought for a moment or two, and then shot me a swift glance from under lowered eye-lashes.    She turned to her mother.   ‘I’ll just say, ‘Granma can eat it.’ she said.