Although of course I have seen my new  grandson, Ewan, several times already, I ‘met’ him    for the first time on Christmas Day.   At last his own personality has emerged from the protesting, squawking baby stage, and what an absolute charmer he is!

He holds his head up high and he looks with bold interest out of his eyes at the passing world like the Armstrong he is.   He ‘squinges’ at his mother like a kitten does at the cat, and he has tender eyes for his father too.   He looked at Rory across the kitchen table, at first rather anxiously, carefully comparing his grandfather and his father before assuring  himself that, yes, Rory was indeed his Daddy-O.   Then he beamed his pleasure and performed a little dance of delight.

John already has a very nice grandson, Craig, who performed so well turning the pages for Audrey, the pianist at Elisabeth’s and Rob’s wedding, but although I am rich in lovely granddaughters, Ewan is my first grandson.   He is a strong boy who takes his weight on his own feet and ‘walks’ on your knee.   His mother reports that when he is displeased with something he hops on one foot on her knee, so some Rumpestiltskin tendencies  there perhaps?

His mother of course is the beautiful goddess of his world.    When he gets tense in your arms, you can feel him relax when she merely appears in his view.   He was in his mother’s arms when I came down to the  sitting room on the morning of Boxing Day and looked at me with surprise and recall that he had seen me yesterday.   Had he said, Are you still here then? – his thought could not have been clearer.

To see his individual personality emerge from the new born baby stage is a delight.   There are some compensations for growing older,  and a gorgeous baby boy, smiling and blowing bubbles and ‘talking’   (he has a grasp of the give and take of conversation far superior to many adults!) is definitely one of them.

Ewan John, first child of our own darling  son and Sarah his lovely wife, what a pleasure to meet you!

(Photographs, of Sarah with her son on Christmas Day, 2012; and Rory with his son and his mother on Christmas Day 2012, are courtesy of John.)