I saw the Bond film, Spectre, in an Imax cinema with John the other week and quite enjoyed it although I am not a Bond fan.

Why are cinemas so loud? The noise together with the impact of the Imax sensations made me feel sick and I had to close my eyes at some fast moving sections.

This film required rather more than the usual suspension of disbelief – helicopters performed impossible feats, people got up and fought after terminal injuries, machinery was where it was required with no explanation at all for why it was there etc.

I think Daniel Craig with his arrogant coldness is one of the better cast Bonds. There has been much talk of the emancipation of women in Bond films but apart from the late lamented M, I see no evidence of this. All the women fall instantly for his charms and give him whatever he wants. Someone should perhaps advise the male fantasists who design these films that however rich, handsome, sexy or powerful a man may be, not every woman will collapse like a blancmange whenever he deigns to show up.

The film at 2 and a half hours long was perhaps half an hour too long in my view.

It was action packed and not boring but it never captured your heart.

Those who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.