Who said Citizen Kane was one of  the best  films ever made?    I’ve just watched its lamentably dull progress for the interminable hours it takes – in black and white as well! – and I think it’s one of the most boring and tedious films I’ve watched in a long time.

Orson Welles a great actor?   He appears to me to have only one ‘mode’ – bullying bore.   We all know the Randolph Hearst story;  how he built a vast mansion  for his mistress and funded her career as an opera singer undeterred by the fact that she couldn’t sing.   That’s the story of the film.   It’s not enough.    So who said he was a great actor?   Could it have been Orson Welles?   Certainly he appears to have been a great self publicist!

On the other hand, I’ve just accompanied John with great reluctance to view Captain Phillips.   This is a film about  Somalian pirates with Tom Hanks as the eponymous hero.   Nothing could be further from my idea of a good film.   But John hearing it recommended by friends, wanted to see it, and he has trundled along patiently to many a ‘Portrait of a Lady’ or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (the clothes, the clothes…) without complaint.   And contrary to all my expectations, it was a good film.   Tom Hanks was excellent in the principal role, and the film was edge-of-you-seat riveting from beginning to end.   So, Captain Phillips (and Tom Hanks)  for an Oscar…

Did I say that?